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If you enjoy the Naruto series, and enjoy creative and exciting community writing, look no further than the Hurricane Chronicles RPG!

With the roleplay just beginning, we'll hoping for some people to temporarily fill important character roles with non-playable-characters alongside their own player-characters. This includes not only one of the five Kage, but those of the minor countries, leaders in each village's ANBU divisions, and even one of the nine tailed beasts!

If you're interested, message or email Ketchup after registering!
New Beginnings

Thu Apr 10, 2014 10:11 am by Ketchup

Why hello! This is your friendly neighborhood founder, Ketch, and I appreciate you not being frightened away by this overly-obnoxious theme and stopping by to find out more about this fledgling roleplay!

I started this forum by myself, and attempted to get the roleplay off of the ground with a hastily-assembled group of people. Due to real-life commitments, they were unable to stick around and …

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1Yamazaki Clan Empty Yamazaki Clan on Tue May 27, 2014 2:01 am

Name: Yamazaki

Village: Kumogakure

 Yamazaki Clan Wolf_crest_by_seawolf815-d4s6ggv

Leader: Kensei Yamazaki

Kensei Yamazaki

The Yamazaki clan had their earliest start as being one of the first clans within Konohagakure.  They were an integral part in the village's early success, and under the direction of the third clan head, Takashi Yamazaki, the clan grew in size and power.  Under this time period, the clan's techniques and jutsu were truly developed, as dogs, or ninken, were introduced into the clan.  Many of the members began to create jutsu around their new battle companions, a practice which continues today.  

After the First Great Shinobi War, the clan began to give ninken at a fairly early age to their prospective shinobi, and began training in tracking and battle strategy.  The training regiment was quite successful, and a large portion of the clan went on to form the basis for what has become the Tracking Division of the ANBU Black Ops.  The clan would then continue to serve in a variety of missions including assassinations, Bingo Book and Missing Ninja hunting, and long-term patrols.  

The early success of the family brought about much needed changes to celebrate their success.  Clan members, in addition to taking their ninken with them around the village, began to paint and mark their faces with red fangs along their cheeks.  A number of the other clans were experiencing a time of prosperity alongside the Yamazaki, and began to adorn themselves and their compounds with crests and symbols of their clan.  However, this golden age for all the clans became a time of extreme competition.  As shinobi families fought for resources and fame, battles and wars among the villages plagued the members, and eventually, lead to one of the darkest ages for the ninja among them.  

Tired of the rivalries he was facing within Konoha between other clans, and eager to find stability and peace, clan leader Ryo Yamazaki moved the family from Konoha to Kumogakure.  After a difficult transition, the shinobi members of the clan and their ninken companions began to adjust to the surroundings of the village.  Uninhibited by the many clans they faced in Konoha, members of the Yamazaki rose to high ranks within the village.  Well-equipped Yamazaki members filled the ranks of the ANBU Black Ops, and retired members served courageously as advisers to the Raikage.  

The clan also made some drastic changes in their move to Kumogakure.  They left behind their painted markings, only currently using the red fangs as a crest, and some members began relying on a summoned ninken from a summoning contract.  However, during this time, they continued to strengthen their new-found alliance to their village.  Fearless as ever, they continue to develop the most ferocious techniques and jutsu, relying on their ninken's strength as well as their own. They continue to thrive off being the front-men in many tracking teams, and are hoping to build back the successful numbers they had in Konoha.

Kekkai Genkai: The clan techniques and jutsu surround the use of ninken, and combination type techniques.  All members have their own ninken or rely on the summoning contract for ninken.

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