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If you enjoy the Naruto series, and enjoy creative and exciting community writing, look no further than the Hurricane Chronicles RPG!

With the roleplay just beginning, we'll hoping for some people to temporarily fill important character roles with non-playable-characters alongside their own player-characters. This includes not only one of the five Kage, but those of the minor countries, leaders in each village's ANBU divisions, and even one of the nine tailed beasts!

If you're interested, message or email Ketchup after registering!
New Beginnings

Thu Apr 10, 2014 10:11 am by Ketchup

Why hello! This is your friendly neighborhood founder, Ketch, and I appreciate you not being frightened away by this overly-obnoxious theme and stopping by to find out more about this fledgling roleplay!

I started this forum by myself, and attempted to get the roleplay off of the ground with a hastily-assembled group of people. Due to real-life commitments, they were unable to stick around and …

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The Five Kage
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1History of Iwagakure Empty History of Iwagakure on Sun Apr 13, 2014 3:14 am



History of Iwagakure Iwagakure
The village itself is literally embedded within a valley of mountains, each inhabited structure nearly indistinguishable from the stone it is hewn into. A network of bridges connected to its many high-rising spires. A series of tunnels linking subterranean labyrinths comprises the village’s lower infrastructure.

Surrounding the skyscraping range of mountainous peaks that encompass the Hidden Rock Village is a virtual forest of monolithic stone pillars, each several hundred feet high, that is said to have been created by the first Tsuchikage. Waters stream hurriedly through the narrow paths between the rough and massive spires, making navigation into the village a difficult task. An easier path through an egress in the forest of pillars is maintained by heavy guard for citizens and scheduled visitors to enter the village.

The country itself began as isolated settlements within a mountainous terrain of rich soul; through this, the inhabitants of these many early hamlets were able to sustain themselves through international trading via the infamy of the land’s bountiful fruits. Steady prosperity gave way to the expansion of these many communities, whom would inevitably collide with one another, leading precipitously into widespread conflict throughout the northwestern region.

The introduction of practitioners of the budding ideals of Ninshuu turned the tide of the enduring stalemate that had prevailed for years. These enigmatic interlopers, who displayed the supernatural power to bend the very shape of the earth to their will, began offering their services as mercenaries to the highest bidder on each side of the conflict. In time, it would be these heralds of the new age that would bring about peace between the many warring clans.

However, their arrival could be considered somewhat bittersweet; the results of decades of warfare would be the undoing of what had been gained in the war’s preceding years. The shameful scars of avarice and greed can be seen throughout the Land of Earth, many battlefields existing as monuments of barren earth. This would, however, bear the fruit of the Village Hidden in the Rocks---an amalgamation of the surviving clans partnered with the country’s feudal lord.

Throughout the village’s earlier history, though a stance of neutrality had been staunchly maintained, internal conflict was widespread; in a village thronged with nearly all noble clans of the long-past warring period, the basis of each conflict was varied: claims to the seat of the first Tsuchikage, the distribution of political power and agricultural land, among others.

In the end, it would be the second Tsuchikage, Yara Yosuke that would prove to be quite the “persuasive” mediator---several clans deemed responsible for much of the unrest over the years were banished from the village altogether, with a massive power vacuum left in their wake; with so many assets now out of the village’s hands, Iwagakure’s decline was inevitable. Even after the installment of the Fifth’s replacement---his son, Yara Yuuji---and the many olive branches subsequently offered to these exiled bloodlines, the recovery has been minimal.

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2History of Iwagakure Empty Re: History of Iwagakure on Wed May 07, 2014 8:17 am



History of Iwagakure First_Tsuchikage

Kuba Togai
躯場 咎井
Togai, the Immortal

Renown through the world as "Togai, the Immortal," the eighth head of the Kuba clan was one of the legendary figures of his time responsible for bringing together the many displaced clans throughout the Land of Earth in order to form the Hidden Rock. Famed for his immense strength and seemingly inhuman durability, the dogged Togai manned his post as leader of the village for three decades before his passing, founding the principles of the Will of Stone and the core ideals of toughness and that guide the shinobi of Iwagakure today.


History of Iwagakure Old_warrior_by_latent_talent_d5g7wh0

Yara Yosuke
屋良 洋右
Monkey Sage Yosuke

Embodying the hardened will of his predecessor, the second Tsuchikage earned his place in history long before taking on the mantle of one of the five great shadows of the shinobi world; known for his otherworldly chakra reserves, Yosuke singlehandedly managed to capture the Four-Tailed Monkey before becoming its first jinchuuriki. One of the few hosts to have fully controlled the beast sealed within him, his long tenure as the head of Iwagakure came as no surprise.

Soon after working as the right arm of the great Togai, Yosuke was unanimously chosen in the stead of the deceased first and proved to be the unifying force that pulled together the many contentious groups within the Hidden Rock to foster the peace enduring to this day.

The cost of this peace, however, would be the steady fragmenting of the village's economy and overall stability. It would be the task of his eldest progeny and predecessor to pick up the pieces.


History of Iwagakure Yara_Yuuji

Yara Yuuji
屋良 雄治
"Yuuji of the Great Spear"

Inheriting the role from his father, Yuuji has taken to re-forging the bonds between the Hidden Rock and its many clients who have taken to exploring other resources for contracts and other services once controlled by the village.

The heart of the aloof man is deeply embedded in the village, despite his distant demeanor. He is rarely seen outside his residence in the central structure of the village, working tirelessly toward bolstering every facet of the village in an attempt to help Iwagakure gain its former renown.

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