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Thu Apr 10, 2014 10:11 am by Ketchup

Why hello! This is your friendly neighborhood founder, Ketch, and I appreciate you not being frightened away by this overly-obnoxious theme and stopping by to find out more about this fledgling roleplay!

I started this forum by myself, and attempted to get the roleplay off of the ground with a hastily-assembled group of people. Due to real-life commitments, they were unable to stick around and …

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1Clan Submission Thread Empty Clan Submission Thread on Tue Apr 22, 2014 4:12 am


Clan Submission Thread
This thread is specifically for submitting your clan for approval. The thread for submitting clan Kekkei Genkai and Hiden techniques can be found elsewhere. If you haven’t read the thread detailing how clans work, head over to the Rules section and give it a once-over before posting here.

Submission Form:

Name: The surname of your family.

Village: The village your family is affiliated with.

Crest: The symbol of your family. Though this typically comes in the form of a custom Japanese kamon, you may design this any way you desire.

Leader: The figurehead of your family. This will normally not be your player character in the beginning, though, special circumstances may be accepted.

Member(s): All members of your family, both blood-related and adopted. Any specific titles, such as heir or viceroy/steward, should be designated to the particular member. No, this isn’t necessary.

Background: Summary of your family’s beginnings. Who were the earliest members of the family? What did they do? What roles, if any, did they play in helping found the family and establishing its customs and prevailing culture? What is their motto, if any? What common characteristics, whether physical or otherwise, do each of its members carry? How is the family itself tied to the village? Consider all of this when striking up this part of the form.

After your clan is approved, go ahead and post it in the Clans forum in the Archives. Remember to keep everything affiliated with the clan in your thread there; this includes technique updates, characters, and all the like.

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2Clan Submission Thread Empty Kaze Shou Clan on Fri Apr 25, 2014 2:56 am

Name of Clan: Kaze Shou

Also Known As:
Azure Dragon
Dragons of the East

Village: Kumogakure

Crest:  Glowing Tattoos
Clan Leader
Gou Kaze Shou

Current Members:
Kishin Kaze Shou
Gou Kaze Shou
Clan History:
The clan was once in charge of it’s own piece of land between Tsuchi no Kuni and Kaze no Kuni.  It was amongst the very first clans to create it’s own permanent village during the Warring States Period.  Even during the mass combat going on between other clans and the nomadic traveling’s, they decided that it was a pointless endeavor.  They knew that other clans would come to them, and decided that having a permanent base would be more useful.  This perhaps gave rise to other villages several years later, including the famous convergence of clans that created Konohagakure.
During the First Shinobi War, the land was attacked, and consumed by Iwagakure no Sato.  Iwagakure Sunagakure, and even Konohagakure wanted the powers of the clan to add to their own for the war.  It was unfortunate though, that the clan had lost much of it’s power.  Living a civilized, sedentary life style with only the single clan caused a decline in soldiers and the clan would eventually be taken, without a doubt to the elders.  Though The Dragons of the East didn’t give up immediately, they were capable of holding off all three armies for some time.   It wasn’t an easy battle, the overwhelming power of the three countries and its many clans and soldiers, eventually showed that it would be more pertinent to just give up and join a village, and preserve some of the clan’s ways.  Their lives would only be changed slightly, and perhaps be more successful in a larger village. 
They decided at the next major exchange of combat, they would just give up, and join whoever was the attacker.  Iwagakure just happened to be that challenger.  They met on the battlefield and the Azure Dragons immediately gave up before combat began.  Conditions were settled upon between the general of Iwagakure and the leader of the clan and they officially joined the service of Tsuchi no Kuni that day.  Though, many of the soldiers and clans present for the combat didn’t appreciate the lack of challenge and the instant surrendering, seeing the clan as weak.  A disposition given that would be labeled onto the clan for future events to come.
The Dragons of the East were a well-known clan before and during the First Shinobi War.  Stories of the clans power are now known as the stuff of legends, even for shinobi.  Several jutsu used by other shinobi were created to match similar effects of the clan, but could never become equaled.  Their skills have also even been reproduced somewhat by samurai.  But because of this, the knowledge about the clan became that of stories, to legends, to myths.  Though, the addition of their instantaneous surrender probably added to the idea that their skills were just lies created and told by the clan.
During the short time within Iwagakure, they sought an opportunity to try and raise their standings politically.  The idea of seeing one from this, un-noble, weak family caused much unrest amongst the Great Clans within the village.  It was around this time that the second Tsuchikage, Yara Yosuke took office within the village, and cast out the undesirables from the village.  Seen as a stem of anger and hatred amongst clans, the Dragons of the East were cast out.  Though, it didn’t take long for this mistake to be noticed.  Shortly after, Kumogakure, the Hidden Cloud Village presented itself to the elders of the clan.  It took very little convincing.  And for the clan, it was a step in the right direction.

Elemental Affinity(s): Wind

Kekkei Genkei:
The Kekkei Genkei for the clan involves two separate yet conjoined effects.  For some reason, the DNA of most members of the clan have a mutation within it, causing most born from these members to have difficulty using elemental chakra in any form outside of their bodies.  This same abnormality effects all members of the clan, for some reason causing the rare elemental release of Wind being the first element to be mastered.  This genetic fault brought about the first part of the clan’s training, physical training.  The physical training at an early age stemmed from this difficulty of using chakra, and the need to defend oneself during the Warring Period.
Though, with a mastery of fuuinjutsu, the clan discovered how to release elements outside of their bodies.  Not every member is skilled in fuuinjutsu, though most members upon reaching the rank of Chuunin will undergo a surgery of sorts.  At Chuunin, they will be able to cast wind based jutsu after receiving a fuuinjuutsu seal that encompasses 10% of their body.  At Tokubetsu Jounin, another surgery will take place, increasing the size of the tattoo to 15% of their body.  With this, the tattoo will glow azure when chakra is being used.  This allows another element to be accessed, water.  At Jounin, another increase to 20% of their body, and access to another element can be made, of their choice.
The clan Kekkei Genkei revolve around two stages.  As they first receive their tattoo, they are able to fully master the ability of combining their wind release, to that of their bodies and attacks.  This is when they gain access to their clan’s first stage of abilities, referred to as Odori Za Uindo [dance of the wind / wind dance position] Their speed increases, their attacks slice with less effort or their control over their chosen weapon is increased.  This adds to their capabilities at hand to hand combat greatly. 
Upon reaching Tokubetsu Jounin, they gain access to Water Release.  If this wasn’t a step up enough, they gain their clan’s most coveted abilities.  This is when their Kekkei Genkei really shows itself.  Odori Za Enmu [dance of the cloud/fog/mist].  They learn to release fog around themselves, adding to to their abilities in close combat.  It was even said that masters of the clan, were  capable of changing their bodies to fog itself.  Slicing right through their bodies would have no effect.  They could even just appear within the fog as if from nowhere.
Early Age Training

The Azure Dragon clan skill revolves around taijutsu and weapons for the most part.  They start training both hand to hand combat and close quarters weapon combat at a very young age.  By the time the child has reached the age of 7, they could easily be equal to skill in both styles to that of a shinobi.
The combat training is rigorous.  Discipline and strength are needed.  The training incorporates both mind and body.  For body, they undergo training every day.  From learning to fight bare handed, to learning to survive for days by themselves in the wilds outside of Kumogakure.  They train to hold a position for days, not moving at all, or perhaps living within a designated area, no larger than 9 feet.  For each of these trainings, other tests could be added, for instance, they could be required to fight off attackers within their designated area, or take punishment holding the position.  Sometimes, tests are also meant to be failed, simple to teach that failure, though unwanted, is sometimes the only possible outcome.  Failure is a part of life, not everything is possible, and it is believed teaching this early on can help to broaden the thoughts of the trainees. 
This training though is just the tip of what they go through.  It is the most known, since they continue this training, almost their entire lives.  They have a second form of training, that is what gave rise to their legendary feats long ago.
Because of the lack of being able to control chakra coming about, the clan found other ways of utilizing their chakra.  This gave rise to a segment of the clan becoming very adept in the use of Fuuinjutsu.  In fact, the skill with fuuinjutsu from this clan is what allows the use of any form of elemental chakra to be used by most members.  The Religious Sub Clan learned how to use fuuinjutsu in such a way on the body to counter the genetic abnormality within members of the clan.  It is to such a degree, that even those unable to use elemental chakra at the start, by the end they are more adept at it than other shinobi, not to mention those in the clan that were capable to begin with.  With this discovery, came an odd ability.  They were able to manipulate the element release within their bodies, causing various effects to occur.  Upon further research, and studying of those within the clan, this discovery had given rise to Lightning Release Armour, and Nintaijutsu for those outside of the clan.

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3Clan Submission Thread Empty Re: Clan Submission Thread on Fri Apr 25, 2014 3:15 am


Kaze Shou clan - Approved

I like the overall depth of their history, and how you wove the history of Iwa into your clan's beginnings. Although this is a fledgling roleplay, things like this allow us to have better interactions between our characters right off of the bat when Week 1 begins.

One small note, however, about the style thing: as I understand it, you're looking to have a Taijutsu style based around the elemental styles of Wind and Water aiding in hand-to-hand combat. Between the Trained Feat Style format and the slotted techniques, I'm not sure exactly how you've imagined it so far but we can hash it out in chat.

I'm beat @_@ so that'll happen another day, lol.

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4Clan Submission Thread Empty Zuka on Wed Apr 30, 2014 8:24 pm


Name: Zuka

Village: Iwagukre

Crest: Clan Submission Thread 2Q==

Background: The Zuka have been a lifelong member of Iwagakure  and many of the clan were not fully aware of what their ancestors left for them to learn, after the great ninja war. So they lived on thinking that they were just your ordinary person. One day a jounin who is a member of the clan was face to face with a fierce gorilla he had a white stripe going down his black silky back, and a massive scar on his face.

 The Jounin stood face to face eye to eye, and he noticed that this gorilla was not attacking, and this became very apparent when the gorilla bowed down to him. The jounin wondered what was happening was it a trap, and as he was thinking this he hears a grunt from the gorilla  and it came out clear as day. The grunt said  "You are here our saver, i am who bows before you Silbaca." The jounin was oddly not too freaked out by this odd occasion. 

He remembered on the shrine of the elders there was a gorilla  and a brain, and a heart, and it was all flooding into him at once. The jounin spoke out loud "So i see my name is Soran, and i am one of the few survivors." The gorilla grunted "Yes i am aware i was the pet of the first clan leader, me and him gave the other countries one heck of a fight, but my mentor was unfortunate  and passed.

 You Soran will be the new era to the throne i see your heart is pure, and you are a wise, and strong man." Out from the surrounding bushes came a few more gorilla who looked a bit jumpy, and Silbaca  grumbled "I hope you have a home for all of us, it does not take much." The gorilla picked up the man who was squirming, and set him on his back as they marched into town by authority of Soran. Soran managed to find clan membered homes for the other gorilla ranging of all ages, and Soran had to keep many in his house, and Silbaca  took up to much room so she remained in the forest being free on high alert for any help needed by Soran or other clan members.

 The clan members uncovered many fighting style, and using their pets in many different ways, and all clan members were loyal to their pets. An all gorillas were loyal to their mentors when they were old enough while young they can be a handful.
Clan Submission Thread King_kong_pic

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5Clan Submission Thread Empty Re: Clan Submission Thread on Thu May 01, 2014 9:28 pm


Zuka Clan - Approved

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6Clan Submission Thread Empty Re: Clan Submission Thread on Mon May 26, 2014 10:27 pm

Name: Yamazaki

Village: Kumogakure

 Clan Submission Thread Wolf_crest_by_seawolf815-d4s6ggv

Leader: Kensei Yamazaki

Kensei Yamazaki

The Yamazaki clan had their earliest start as being one of the first clans within Konohagakure.  They were an integral part in the village's early success, and under the direction of the third clan head, Takashi Yamazaki, the clan grew in size and power.  Under this time period, the clan's techniques and jutsu were truly developed, as dogs, or ninken, were introduced into the clan.  Many of the members began to create jutsu around their new battle companions, a practice which continues today.  

After the First Great Shinobi War, the clan began to give ninken at a fairly early age to their prospective shinobi, and began training in tracking and battle strategy.  The training regiment was quite successful, and a large portion of the clan went on to form the basis for what has become the Tracking Division of the ANBU Black Ops.  The clan would then continue to serve in a variety of missions including assassinations, Bingo Book and Missing Ninja hunting, and long-term patrols.  

The early success of the family brought about much needed changes to celebrate their success.  Clan members, in addition to taking their ninken with them around the village, began to paint and mark their faces with red fangs along their cheeks.  A number of the other clans were experiencing a time of prosperity alongside the Yamazaki, and began to adorn themselves and their compounds with crests and symbols of their clan.  However, this golden age for all the clans became a time of extreme competition.  As shinobi families fought for resources and fame, battles and wars among the villages plagued the members, and eventually, lead to one of the darkest ages for the ninja among them.  

Tired of the rivalries he was facing within Konoha between other clans, and eager to find stability and peace, clan leader Ryo Yamazaki moved the family from Konoha to Kumogakure.  After a difficult transition, the shinobi members of the clan and their ninken companions began to adjust to the surroundings of the village.  Uninhibited by the many clans they faced in Konoha, members of the Yamazaki rose to high ranks within the village.  Well-equipped Yamazaki members filled the ranks of the ANBU Black Ops, and retired members served courageously as advisers to the Raikage.  

The clan also made some drastic changes in their move to Kumogakure.  They left behind their painted markings, only currently using the red fangs as a crest, and some members began relying on a summoned ninken from a summoning contract.  However, during this time, they continued to strengthen their new-found alliance to their village.  Fearless as ever, they continue to develop the most ferocious techniques and jutsu, relying on their ninken's strength as well as their own. They continue to thrive off being the front-men in many tracking teams, and are hoping to build back the successful numbers they had in Konoha.

Kekkai Genkai: The clan techniques and jutsu surround the use of ninken, and combination type techniques.  All members have their own ninken or rely on the summoning contract for ninken.

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7Clan Submission Thread Empty Re: Clan Submission Thread on Tue May 27, 2014 1:08 am


Inuzuka Clan - "Approved"

Okay, so, I really really like the thought that you put into this submission. It's the same level of detail, as far as the specifics of the clan's beginnings and development, that I expect from everyone here. Not only that, but you seem like a very good writer, someone I'd like to have alongside me as a figurehead here at HC. Not thrusting that at you, if you don't want to. Don't feel any obligation, if you're not up to it, but I do have the sense that you might just be the kind of person I've been looking for to help get this RP off of the ground.

Secondly, I must unfortunately tell you that HC is an alternate to the series. So the Inuzuka won't work. However, even though I encourage originality around here, I'm not at all against you having a clan of ninken users who bear the red fang face paint symbols of the Inuzuka.

But using as many elements as you have which are part of the canon Inuzuka's identity, it'd undoubtedly set a precedent for others to start bringing in canon characters to the RP.

Umm... I'd like for you to go elsewhere with the name and face paint elements of the clan. We'll talk about it in chat the next time we run into each other. Don't despair.

Again, though, great job on the submission. Everything other than what I spoke of is excellent. Looking forward to great things from you, bro.

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8Clan Submission Thread Empty Re: Clan Submission Thread on Mon Jun 02, 2014 10:40 pm

Name: Akumazoku

Village: Kiri

Crest: Clan Submission Thread KuradoClanCrest

Leader: Aki Akumazoku

Member(s): Aki Akumazoku

Background: Not much is known about this clan. It is said that they have been around for centuries. It has been said that this clan was one of the clan to help found the village hidden in the mist. It has also been stated of all the clans that hail from the mist this clan was the most feared clan to exist in the mist. They are believed to be worship like gods there. It wasn't until 100 years ago that proof of there existence came to pass.

With a man know as Senjin Akumazoku aka god of akumazoku and the first known and feared shinobi of kiri. He was thought to be a god because his eyes are believed to be gifts from the god of darkness himself. Granting him unimaginable power and prowess in the art of ninjutsu. His dojutsu now know as the alpha stigma is known as a trait which happens in a few members across the land in this clan. It is the "demons" eye which is able to analyse and understand all Ninjutsu.

It is also possible for the Alpha Stigma to analyse structures around the bearer. The Alpha Stigma is usually activated by the death of a friend or family member, which causes the user to go on a rampage, seeking destruction and death for those around the user. Users seem to have a god-like persona which has to wreak havoc until either the body burns out( Runs out of chraka) or the user forces its alter ego to stop by deactivating the dojutsu forcefully {Which requires a alot of chakra}. This dojutus allows the user to harness his element in its purest form. Allowing the user to fire beams of concentrated elemental jutsu or create barriers and shields.

It also allows the user to know what kind of jutus the opponent is going to use( Other then KKG) Once the jutsu is cast. Also give the user the ability it to dematerialize anything he/she Comes into contact with. This is a rare ability even for the user of this dojutsu.  It is believed because they can use such a deadly jutsu that the god of death curse them with insanity upon activation of there dojutsu. So much so that if clan member were to use the dojutsu it was punishable by death.

Due to this the wielders of this dojutsu decline as years went by hoping that with each new generation there insanity would decrease. Thus far it has started showing signs of wielders being able to control there insanity slightly.

Kekkai Genkai: A Dojutsu known as the alpha stigma. Allows the user to understand all forms of ninjutsu. Give the users access to the clans jutsu and ablilties.

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9Clan Submission Thread Empty Re: Clan Submission Thread on Tue Jun 03, 2014 10:44 am

Name: Hecoro

Village: Konoha


Clan Submission Thread IyURx9ZbHJ-40OOYhMnEoxGjytqHB9Djsmnei4G6I2ibMGHqjt9-D-Bt2fa09PWzE9ZKJybLQLgEhJXez_18XjaoCJcXmicPftGnjHVhCD1V5PrhiL2rd6TKKMGAXtm-iw

Leader: Desarian Treshira Hecoro


Dravocn Maximillion Hecoro (Heir, Leader in training, Eldest brother, 13 years old)

Kesi Elypsis Hecoro (twin sister of Erisa Kilira Hecoro, Younger sister of Dravocn Maximilion Hecoro, 12 years old)

Erisa Kilira Hecoro (twin sister of Kesi Elypsis Hecoro, younger sister of Dravocn Maximillion Hecoro, 12 years old)

Desarian Treshira Hecoro (Leader, Father of Dravocn, Kesi and Erisa Hecoro, Husband of Kirinia Tenishi Hecoro, 36 years old)

Kirinia Tenishi Hecoro (Mother of Dravocn, Kesi and Erisa Hecoro, Secratary of Clan Affairs, 34 years old)

Denerio Gariand Hecoro (Twin brother of Desarian Hecoro, Secretary of State, 36)

Kilisian Hirishi Hecoro (Twin sister of Kirinia Hecoro, Secretary of Finance, 34 years old)

Derish Keni Hecoro (deceased (via miscarriage) twin brother of Dravocn Hecoro)


In the beginning, the Hecoro Clan's first members Drendi, Karash, Damir, Kinia, Dranaria, and Kishira were the best of friends, they did everything together, in fact when they first began the Hecoro Clan they had took it upon themselves to become the Genjutsu masters, and they made it too.... they made looked for minor details in everything, they did surprise Genjutsus of only the most minor differences to test their Genjustu resistant and attention to detail, they read up on everything that involved Genjutsus, in fact they reread everything they'd read to collect memory and improve their memory as well, they did a great many things to improve their minds. They all gathered together to see what they should do with their new clan, they had determined that their clan shall be devoted to research, not only of developing new things... but also spying, education, history... they became the most adept people of their time in terms of intelligent minds... and through the years it had become genetic... producing brilliant minds in each of their children.

They gather in a secret area within their clan's grounds every month to share with the rest of the clan their findings and ideas, those with the most amount of research and or ideas were those who were regarded for the entirety of the next coming month and were given their wishes when desired, as long as it was possible of course... and of course the Hecoro's regarded themselves very highly and declared themselves noble blood, the decedents of the clan who were impurely Hecoro were those who are the defenders of the pure Hecoro's. Only pure Hecoro's are allowed to have high positions within the clan, and only the pure are allowed to know the secrets they keep. The Hecoro clan are highly family oriented and take care of their own... though they show a smaller amount of respect for the impure bloods they do take care of them very well... in fact you wouldn't know the impure bloods were impure until most of the clan is gone and the impure's are the only ones out, for they are also excluded from the monthly meetings... though the meetings are usually at midnight under the fullest moon of that month so it is still difficult to know who is impure. There is a celebration of battle every ten years, the impure bloods fight in an arena within Clan grounds, not just in brawn but in brain as well for that is what the Hecoro's were founded upon... this goes as far as mazes, puzzles, battles, questionnaires, topic battles, labyrinths, etc. Those that win the tournament are prized and granted limited access to the true Hecoro libraries and treated more purly better for the next ten years... they even get a small amount of guards and live in a larger house.

The Hecoro Clan are highly regarded within their village for gathering information, funding their village's studies as well as Anbu corps, code-breaking, and assisting in several informational activities. Their motto is, "If there is no answer, FIND IT!". The Hecoro Clan are an extremely fertile family, as their goal were to make the world intelligent they have used their chakra to make themselves this way, making it very difficult for any Hecoro not to have at least twins, identical ones at that, this goes for male and female Hecoro's... those that do not have multiple children are very very rare. The Hecoro clan also have always had 20/20 vision as well, since they had trained themselves to notice the smallest details in everything... and as young children are taught this as well, to the point where even the elderly of the clan are unlikely to miss a crumb just outside of the mouse hole. The Hecoro did not just train their eyes when they had begun, for they knew only training the eyes to spot detail was foolish especially when they wanted to know when they were in a genjutsu so they had also trained their other senses... they match the eyesight description... they aren't hyper sensitive like a dog's sense of smell but they are able to notice even the smallest difference of the fragrance in the air (that was only an example of one of their senses).The Hecoro's have a very small necklace shaped birthmark around their neck the birthmark with their crest on the collar with the iris being the color of their birth stone... also a genetic trait caused by their ancestors using chakra on themselves.

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