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With the roleplay just beginning, we'll hoping for some people to temporarily fill important character roles with non-playable-characters alongside their own player-characters. This includes not only one of the five Kage, but those of the minor countries, leaders in each village's ANBU divisions, and even one of the nine tailed beasts!

If you're interested, message or email Ketchup after registering!
New Beginnings

Thu Apr 10, 2014 10:11 am by Ketchup

Why hello! This is your friendly neighborhood founder, Ketch, and I appreciate you not being frightened away by this overly-obnoxious theme and stopping by to find out more about this fledgling roleplay!

I started this forum by myself, and attempted to get the roleplay off of the ground with a hastily-assembled group of people. Due to real-life commitments, they were unable to stick around and …

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1[Konohagakure] Week 1: Kaoru Endo Empty [Konohagakure] Week 1: Kaoru Endo on Wed Apr 23, 2014 5:33 pm


Name: Kaoru Endo

Age: 14

Village: Konohagakure

Rank: Genin

Affinity: Wind

Appearance: [Konohagakure] Week 1: Kaoru Endo 2jer0vk

Kaoru stands at 157 cm tall(5'2) and weighs about 53 kg(118 lbs). She has red long hair, usually up to her back, and most of the times in a ponytail with a black, yet it's more rare to see her hair all out just like that. She also has red eyes gained from her father with a light complexion, along with a scrawny-ish, but in progress of a mature body. Her attire is mostly a red sleeveless dress, along with a red gem on the middle of the chest area, and with black and white detachable sleeves. Kaoru also wears black stockings, and red boots with a white line going down on both sides.

Even though that's her usual attire, she does however, have a second outfit to show out. From there, she wears an aqua-ish colored sweater, and under that would be a black tank top. She then wears blue short shorts, and to top it all off, would be her sandals.

Personality: Kaoru overall can be both a strict, but at the same time a friendly type of character. She's usually a quiet person, who's usually reserved, calm, and sometimes anti-social. Being anti-social, however, she still knows she would need to talk eventually. Kaoru isn't really so much a "Creative" or "Easy/Out-going", but rather lacks those two traits. To her, work would always come first no matter what, as work is "fun" to her. Kaoru often likes to speak her opinion out, and can get defensive by all means, if the situation gets worst. She can come along with a poker face or even giving a smile to begin with, thinking she can be dull and such but there's actually a lot more to it if you really get on her good side.

When getting on her good side, Kaoru can be a little geeky and awkward at times, whereas she tries to open up to the person more and be more friendly, but of course she'd screw it up at the end. Her viewpoint at first of the person could then change if it was negative at first to a more positive side. However, for Kaoru, it wouldn't literally mean they're off the hook. It is still possible for her to be stiffed and such to the person, but not so much after being on her good side. Overall, she be mostly nasty and closed, but at times she can be more opened up and friendly. Even a smile is rare for her.

Background: Born into the Endo family came Kaoru. She has a two year older sister named Kaori. Kaoru had her trais from her mother, whereas Kaori had her traits from her father. They may look identical, but they were DEFINITELY not twins which was a fact. Their father, Hakaroshi Endo was an ANBU member but has died from a mission to aid another village. The two in this manner were VERY young kids. From there, Kaoru wishes to be an ANBU and carry on her dad's duties. Her father was more of the carefree type much like Kaori, whereas her mother, Chiki Endo was the opposite.

On the other hand, Kaori was the more "prankster yet friendly" type of sibling who loves to have fun, along with being easy-going, and is which is explained why Kaori is a little more popular, as Kaoru was no where close to that word. Ever since then, Kaoru has focused on nothing but work, work, and work, showing that she lacks the word "fun" and prefers work, showing off her stiff side.


Kaoru Endo - Konohagakure, Genin

Chakra: 1,000
Bukijutsu: 200
Taijutsu: 300
Speed: 300
Strength: 200

Chakra Control: 1,000
Ninjutsu: 1,000
Genjutsu: ---
Kekkei Genkai: ---

Sample Chapter: "Kaori~!" Kaoru cried in frustration as she glared at Kaori with annoyance. Right now, both of the two siblings were outside of their homes whereas this was the location Kaoru chased her own sister from. Kaori of course has Kaoru's black bow, and in this case Kaoru's hair was all out which was something she didn't like. Kaori was always the trickster in the family and always annoyed her younger sister just because in the matter. Apparently that's how their parents met: A prankster father and a mature mother. It was actually a little more clear now on who got what from their parent, but that was all beside the point. There was actually a rather bigger problem not only having her hair all out of which she didn't like and having an annoying sister randomly teasing her constantly. It was as expected, meeting up with teams.

Kaoru was suppose to meet her team in the afternoon. In this matter, she was right now almost arriving in the afternoon and she refused to go meet her team with her hair all out in a messy style. Not only that but she wasn't even in her own regular red dress attire. She had on her usual "break" attire when she's not out on any missions or doing any work or to put it simply, when she's on her free time and she wouldn't even dare to meet her team like this. It was even sad enough that Kaori decided to ironically take Kaoru's bow on the day she had to go meet her team. "Come on! Just give me back my bow! I need it!" She pleaded once more, as she slightly jumped up and down as she can already feel her temper rising up a little. But for now, she seemed to keep her maturity high yet it's already been told she'll break at any moment.

"Why? You're much cuter with your hair all out, little sis." Kaori complimented with a snicker. Kaori on the other hand was the opposite when it comes to hairstyles. Kaori was actually more carefree of how she looks or to make it simpler, she didn't really care how she looks. Although of course she actually does care, but Kaori didn't really mind what she would wear or what her hair would be like, as long as it was civilized in some manner. On the other hand for Ruru here, she was the opposite, and very stiff when it comes to creativity. Nothing but trying to look mature, and definitely away from being compared to her sister. Kaori in this case was known to be a "better" sibling when it comes to the use of strength, taijutsu and bukijutsu. However and fortunately for Kaori, she was good at speed, along with taijutsu and ninjutsu so she was somewhat tied with her sister, but still refused to be compared with her sister.

"Come on, Kaori! Just give me my bow and we'll leave it like that! We'll then go back to your little game now!" Kaoru barked, as she was softly stomping her feet to the ground repeatedly as she pouted. Now this was just getting completely out of control for the younger girl. As being the tidy-type of person, shed like to get herself on schedule but because of Kaori's shenanigans, Kaoru's arrival might be a little tardy. "It's also bad enough that I'm not even dressed properly to even go to the meeting early!" She barked once more. Kaori however, refused to even give the slightest impression of any sympathy whatsoever even though the fact was obvious. The more her sister cries, the more Kaori decided to tease.

Clenching onto the bow, she then got into a stance, as if she was about to run. This was basically like a daily basis for the two siblings. Kaori bothers Kaoru and Ru always ends up chasing Ri for whatever reason. "Well, well. If you want your little bow so much, then you better run for it!" She yelled. And so with that said, Kaori quickly turned around with her feet quickly moving back and forth one behind the other, thus having Kaori dart off in the distance within the streets on Konohagukre. For just a rare second, Kaoru smiled to herself. It was rather rare for Ru to simply smile just like that out in the open, but she had a very good reason for it. Despite her sister's toughness, she wasn't so much quicker compared to her sister.

"That's rather a BIG mistake you made, my dear Kaori." Those were her last words whispered to herself before running off. Getting to move her legs hastily as she can, she began to also dash off into the streets of Konohagakure, following her sister's trail. First off was two people carrying large boxes of fruits and vegetables for the fruit and vegetable shop. That was when Kaori then came dashing in. Expected however, Kaoru was just on her tail but with quick thinking from the older sister, she tripped one of the men that held a very large box thus having not only the man tremble onto the ground, but also had the box broken into wooden pieces but also had the fruits and vegetables splattered everywhere.

But Kaoru wasn't stupid to fall for such a cliche and yet a typical obstacle Readying herself to evade, she bent her knees and stretched them apart, jumping over the pile of fruits and vegetables cluttered all over. Sadly in the end of this little obstacle, she fell for it. After her little leap over the scene, she happened to slip onto a banana, which caused her to stumble forward after her landing and then hitting herself heavily right on the chin, creating a loud thump and creating a loud, painful grunt. Apparently, she had a hard landing while she was at it. "And to think I'd actually make it out successfully... I'm an idiot." She mumbled to herself.

Meanwhile, Kaori was right in front of Kaoru, bent on her knees. "I've seen you couldn't SLIP your way from all of that, am I right?" She chuckled at her horrible joke.

Kaoru however, gave Kaori an annoyed look. "Ha ha, Kaori. Ha. Ha." She snarled softly to herself.

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2[Konohagakure] Week 1: Kaoru Endo Empty Re: [Konohagakure] Week 1: Kaoru Endo on Wed Apr 23, 2014 10:58 pm


Good lord Jesus, thank God you saved it.

Accidentally posted a reply to approve cog in your app. Meant to delete the reply... and accidentally deleted your app, lol.

Anyways, as I said before, you are approved!

  1. Go ahead and post your character profile in the Roster forum for Konohagakure. Keep everything related to Kaoru there including techniques, items, and all your non-playable-characters.

  2. When we finally get things kicked off here, you'll post your stats in the Big Bingo Book in the Week 1 thread I'll start then.

  3. Similarly, your sample chapter will also be your first writing for Week 1. You'll post it in the Hurricane Chronicles forum with this title:

[Konoha] Week 1: Title

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