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Thu Apr 10, 2014 10:11 am by Ketchup

Why hello! This is your friendly neighborhood founder, Ketch, and I appreciate you not being frightened away by this overly-obnoxious theme and stopping by to find out more about this fledgling roleplay!

I started this forum by myself, and attempted to get the roleplay off of the ground with a hastily-assembled group of people. Due to real-life commitments, they were unable to stick around and …

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1[Kumogakure] Week 1: Kishin Kaze Shou Empty [Kumogakure] Week 1: Kishin Kaze Shou on Fri Apr 25, 2014 3:33 am

Name: Kishin Kaze Shou
Age: 8
Village: Kumogakure
Clan: Kaze Shou
Kekkei Genkai: Kaze Shou
Affinity: Wind
Appearance: Kishin looks very similar to the picture above, minus the long ears and the headband.  Wears Countries Tag around neck. 
Kishin Has a blond hued white hair that always seems to be messy, though manages to always look the same.  His eyes are dark gold in color.  For the most part Kishin wears the same clothing, an untraditional jacket  that is sleeveless.  It is an ivory green color laced with yellow on the inside.  On the sleeves edge, it is laced black yellow then black.  Inside the jacket it is black.  The jacket has a long folded over turtle neck that is colored the way it is underneath his jacket, black, then gold and green laced on the outside.  On the inside of his jacket he wears another jacket of sorts that is non-glossy off black, close to charcoal.

In the stead of sleeves. Kishin has gloved arm sleeves that reach passed his elbow the same color as his inner coat.  Above these sleeves he wears a black fingerless glove with gold lace.  On the glove sits a metal oval disk with some leather within for armor in the wrist area, seeming to be held down by a green ring of cloth.

On his back are two dark gold laces which are used to secure items on his back if needed.

Around Kishin’s waist is a belt with dark gold outer black inside and small yellow dots every few inches.  On the belt is a buckle which holds a specialized shuriken made by his family. 

Young Age:
[Kumogakure] Week 1: Kishin Kaze Shou Fegupw

Kishin at 16+:
[Kumogakure] Week 1: Kishin Kaze Shou Bad_ass_anime_guy
Kishin personality has a strong influence on the religion of the Kaze Shou clan.  But an even stronger influence from the warrior sub clan.  The training Kishin went through had molded him into a quite calm, collect and serious person.  He enjoys a challenge, which he gets from his mother.  When it comes to combat, it is all business.  He takes training very serious, easily injuring friends, but not to the point of loss of limb, but a little blood is likely. 
Besides his overly vicious views on combat, he is also a very religious person, a clan gained and an extremely strong influence from his fathers training.  It can be quite unsettling to some, especially when they finally discover who his gods are.  He finds other religious people to be a little on the lost side, but accepts any traditions they might have.
Kishin doesn’t talk about himself much, unless asked.  He isn’t a quite person, but he can be unsocial unless others come out first.  When it comes to work or anything affecting the clan, he likes to know what is happening if he is involved.  He hates being left out of the loop on important matters. 
When it comes to allies, he finds them as being an important part in combat, but so far doesn’t find them important on a social status.  They are allies, nothing more.  To become something more to him, combat is where to show it.
In the clan structure, he belongs to the sub clan ruled by the religious leaders, and craftsman of the clan.  His father belongs to the religious sub clan.  His grandfather is an elder of the clan, and it is most likely that his father will end up being the next elder.  Thus he is part of the main family of the religious sub clan.  He was required to learn fuuinjutsu arts, the religious teachings, and craftsman skills of the clan.  He was shown at an early age what was required to have gone through and what kind of people earned the rights of the clan.  The fuuinjutsu placed onto those that were considered the strongest of the clan, the makings of weapons and armor for the elite, and above all, to praise the gods for these gifts bestowed upon the clan.
His mother was considered an extremely strong ninja in the warrior sub clan.  She taught him the way of that sub clan.  She was considered one of the strongest warriors of the clan.  She was a Specialist and highly skilled in the Kenjutsu arts of twin swords, and a master of taijutsu arts.  She had bonded with his farther, and he with her.  A relationship hammered in stone as he cast the Fuuinjutsu tattoos on her, made her armors and her weapons.
He has the son of two strong members from both sub clans, so it was destined that he would follow both paths.  Given both extremes, body and mind, he would have a strong influence from both.  He is destined to be the elder someday in the far future, or even a leader given both families high standings.  Whether he follows this path is up to him.
His training, like those of the rest of the clan started at the age of 4.  His training was extremely grueling, having to receive both extremes of body and mind.  He had to study the religion and past of the clan, and learn fuuinjutsu and the manufacturing arts of the clan.  A top of this, he also had to train endlessly with his mother.  He was trained by his mother in Kenjutsu.  He was trained in the same art form as her, twin sword combat.  But he also had a strong ability in archery, polearms and taijutsu. Though he did take to it pretty well after all, it was in his blood. 
His favorite training was ambush training, where he was required to stay within designated, and defend himself from attacks without leaving the area, and also if he could, defeat his attackers.  He was quite adapt at this training.  The problem was his unusual ability to sense when others were coming to attack.  He was well prepared for the attacks, and stayed his enemies off.  Usually sensory abilities were weak even in older clansman or even non-existent.  Kishin though seemed to have a strong ability in this area.  One training mission was meant for a loss quickly after 5 days of survival, and they even lessened the area to a 5 foot area, a much smaller area then they trained children at.   He managed to live out the attacks and living on the small piece of land for 8 days.
Though, to the dismay of his main family clan, he wasn’t as astute in the religious arts as much as the combative arts.  He had some skill in manufacturing, but his fuuinjutsu skills were lacking, at least at this time.  The true training of the religious sub clan usually took place at an older age, but they had hopes he would be as skillful in it as he was at combat..

Chakra: 1,000
Bukijutsu: 250
Taijutsu: 250
Speed: 300
Strength: 200

Chakra Control: 1,000
Ninjutsu: 450
Genjutsu: 0
Kekkei Genkai: 550
Rp Sample:
Kishin walked into the mountainside of Kumogakure for a little bit of much needed training.  It was going to be a sunny day and hot day, so he headed out early, avoiding the chances that he would become fried by the midday sun.  He managed to find an open area with a few small boulders littering the grounds. It was obvious that the area had been used before for training, as the rocks seemed out of place.  

Kishin had just graduated from the academy about a week ago, and was still waiting for a Chuunin or Jounin to be assigned to.  A sensei to learn more advanced skills from.  He was used to the personal training from a sensei one on one or even three on one.  He hadn’t receive that training from the academy, that was a small part of his clan’s training.  Most of his training was received from his own family.  Clan members and his father, grandfather, and especially mother all had a hand in shaping his abilities.  Though now he was a shinobi of the village, and didn't want to let his family down in any way.

Though most of his trainings were given to me by his family; training that was much more advanced, torturous, and grueling then that of the academy, the time spent in the academy wasn't for waste.  One thing that was taught to him by the academy that wasn't in the training from his clan was chakra manipulation.  He had learned most, if not all, things about chakra from the academy.  His clan's teachings were meant to be more physical and mental based.  Not everyone in the clan learned to use chakra, and for those that had, was taught about it at an older age by the clan.  Since he had entered the academy, he received the training earlier.

That brought him to where he was now.  The training grounds of shinobi from Kumogakure.  He was finally going to use that knowledge of chakra manipulation towards a more offensive form of combat using his weapons.  A well known jutsu that was rarely used within this village,  Manipulating Attack Blades.  A jutsu that he had seen a few times used by members of the clan during the festivals to honor the gods.  It seemed like an amazing skill and was something he wanted to learn.

The young man grabbed two of his kunai, gripping them in his hands.  'Now how was the jutsu done?' He focus chakra into his palms, then tried to spread the kunia out into the air.  They all did exactly like they should have, they all fell to the ground.  "Ya, I didn't think it would be that easy.  Otherwise, everyone would be able to use this jutsu.  There had to be some secret to this jutsu.  Though now that I think about it, I have seen others do such things."  He had seen someone use a scroll in a similar way before, having it seem to stay in the air.  'Perhaps chakra could be used in such a way outside the body in close, that it could keep something in the air when not moving? '

In both cases, they had just stayed in the one spot.  Maybe that was how it was done?  Kishin focused the chakra into his hands again, and onto the items.  He breathed in deeply then out slowly.  On his next breath he started to focus chakra outside of his body.  He moved his arms, spreading the kunia in the area, and again they fell, though it did seem...slower?  Perhaps hopeful thinking by the young shinobi.

He picked up the kunia again, and held them tight.  "Maybe..." He put all but one away.  'Start with one, then move onto two and so on.' He held the kunia in his hand, focusing chakra into it.  Then he focused on putting chakra in to the item, the chakra would just coat the outside of the blade.  Then he tried to spread chakra outside of his body.  It had to all be done at the same time, proving to be a difficult task.  He moved the kunai into place and let go.  It seemed to hover for just a moment, then fell to the ground, the blade sticking into the grass.  

Progress, that helped him discover the secret.  He had to focus the same chakra in all places at once.  With the slight bit of potential showings, He was becoming much more confident.  This jutsu would work best fast obviously or at least at my skill level, more likely to be accomplished.  He repeated and went through the steps quicker this time.  The kunia stayed up longer.  He then tried to launch it forward, pushing my hand forward.  Nothing. He tried again, and it moved, falling to the ground.  

' it wasn't launched physically obviously.' Why he moved his hand at all seemed kind of stupid on second thought.  He just had to push his chakra out.  That is what would take the most chakra, the launching.  

He tried the jutsu again.   He focused chakra into his hand, then the kunia, then outside his body and lifted his hand.  He released the kunia into the air and it stayed, hovering in the air.  Kishin would just let the kunia sit there, letting it float.  He wanted to make sure he had the hang of this portion.  Keeping his focus on trying to keep it in the air was quite exhausting.  It had been about forty-five seconds, but felt like forty-five minutes, and the kunia just sat in the air.  It seemed he was learning this part of the jutsu quickly enough.  

Now for the harder part of the jutsu, the launching portion.  He tried to spread his chakra out, and the kunia moved away from him, at an outstanding 1/2 an inch every 2 seconds.  He laughed inside.  It was horrifyingly 'fast', he almost felt like giving up at that moment.  Kishin gave out a sigh on the outside.  The Kunia fell to the ground at about 2 feet away.

"Let's try this again."  He pulled out another kunia and repeated the steps.  The kunia stayed in the air, easy part done. He pushed his chakra again, and the kunia seemed to move much quicker, as comparable to before, and landed 5 feet away.  He had to be missing something?  An important part of the launching process.  'This portion of the jutsu seemed similar to walking on water I guess, where chakra was used to push against the moving water.'

'This time, I was using my chakra on an item, in the air.  Or rather, no, it wasn't air, I was using it on chakra.'  He laughed, 'if it was on air, I could walk on air then, that would be something.  No, I was pushing off of my own chakra.'  So what he needed to do was the opposite of walking on water.  If you used to much chakra on the water, you wouldn't be able to move, too little and you fell.  

In this case, he was using too little.  So he retried the jutsu. "My chakra is a wall, unmoving."  He repeated the thought a few times, "My chakra is a wall, unmoving.  My chakra is a wall, unmoving.  My chakra is a wall, unmoving."  He stopped saying it and repeated it to himself in his head.  'My chakra is a wall, unmoving.  My chakra is a wall, unmoving.'  Then he pushed as much chakra as he could.  The kunia shot out, then fell to the ground.  It had enough force to cause it to flip uncontrollably after hitting the ground at a slant then coming to a stop flat on the surface.

"Ha ha, it worked out better then I hoped."  The kunia had traveled 15 feet this time.  He retried using two kunia, then three, four, five.  It was easy enough to get the amount of kunia into the air.  Each time He tried to launch the weapons, they traveled further and further.  He managed to get the kunia to travel 25 feet in the end.  

His next step would be to try and reduce the amount of chakra used to launch them, to just enough to fire it fast, but not too much as to waste chakra.  Chakra wasn't an infinite source.  Well, not infinite at a single moment of time.  He could regain chakra with rest, but at a set time without rest, he had a set limit.  It would be important to try and conserve as much chakra as he could so he had more later on to use when needed.

Later on Kishin would need to continue practicing, to increase his accuracy and distance. It was shuriken practice all over again at the academy.  He wasn't that bad at that, now of course, when he first started though..  For now he ended his training session.  The sun was getting high into the sky, and the temperature was rising quickly.  Though he hadn't done much physically, hge felt a little tired.  Kishin had used a lot of chakra to try and learn this technique.  And that use had caused some fatigue, another important need of controlling the amount of expended chakra.

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2[Kumogakure] Week 1: Kishin Kaze Shou Empty Re: [Kumogakure] Week 1: Kishin Kaze Shou on Tue Apr 29, 2014 12:12 am


.... O_O

Jesus fuckin christ, man, I apologize. Tried twice already to get this Approved but this punk-ass internet is just not in the mood.

  1. Go ahead and post your character profile in the Roster forum for Kumogakure. Keep everything related to Kishin there including techniques, items, and all your non-playable-characters.
  2. When we finally get things kicked off here, you'll post your stats in the Big Bingo Book in the Week 1 thread I'll start then.
  3. Similarly, your sample chapter will also be your first writing for Week 1. You'll post it in the Hurricane Chronicles forum with this title:

    [Kumo] Week 1: Title

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