Hurricane Chronicles RPG
If you enjoy the Naruto series, and enjoy creative and exciting community writing, look no further than the Hurricane Chronicles RPG!

With the roleplay just beginning, we'll hoping for some people to temporarily fill important character roles with non-playable-characters alongside their own player-characters. This includes not only one of the five Kage, but those of the minor countries, leaders in each village's ANBU divisions, and even one of the nine tailed beasts!

If you're interested, message or email Ketchup after registering!
New Beginnings

Thu Apr 10, 2014 10:11 am by Ketchup

Why hello! This is your friendly neighborhood founder, Ketch, and I appreciate you not being frightened away by this overly-obnoxious theme and stopping by to find out more about this fledgling roleplay!

I started this forum by myself, and attempted to get the roleplay off of the ground with a hastily-assembled group of people. Due to real-life commitments, they were unable to stick around and …

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The Five Kage
Yuuji Yara


Goemon Miyoshi



Looking for members to volunteer for Submission staff positions. Register, and let me know if you're interested!

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1Feats / Techs Submission Thread Empty Feats / Techs Submission Thread on Fri May 02, 2014 4:48 am


Feat Submission Thread
This thread is for submitting all forms of Feats as well as Squad Techs. Feats can only be submitted one at a time, and can only be submitted free of cost once. If you have a Feat, and wish to change what it does, you'll need to buy a Resubmission.

Remember to always use this form when submitting Feats:

Name: Simple enough, huh?
Type: Unique or Trained. You have Trained Styles, of course, but they'll be identified as they're submitted.
Description: Although flavor text isn't at all discourage, don't go into too much detail about it. Clear and concise. What does it do, and how does it work? And, of course, don't forget your numbers.

Template Code:
[b]Name:[/b] Simple enough, huh?
[b]Type:[/b] Unique or Trained. You have Trained Styles, of course, but they'll be identified as they're submitted.
[b]Description:[/b] Although flavor text isn't at all discourage, don't go into too much detail about it. Clear and concise. What does it do, and how does it work? And, of course, don't forget your numbers.

Check this spoiler for the Feat guide:

Feats Guide:
Feats are the most powerful form of techniques that any player can have. Unlike standard techniques, these usually do not require hand seals to be performed and are fundamentally stronger than most slotted techniques and even special items. This stipulation, or lack thereof, varies depending on the ability but does little to diminish its overall formidability.

With great power, however, comes great---limitations. In order to keep them from being overpowered, they need to be contained in some way. Costs are one way of doing time, though, there are others like Limited Uses, Turn Duration, Power-level Comparisons, and Cooldowns. Sometimes more than one of these may be required.

Aside from these examples, there are other ways to make your Feat workable. Use your imagination, and work with staff to try and bring your vision---or any iteration as close as possible to what you envisioned---to life.

Costs are typically measured by just how powerful the effect of the Feat is. For example, if the ability is to cover your body in a persistent barrier, the cost can vary pretty much however you want it to. Not too high, of course, but it can be as big a part of your arsenal as you wish. Now, if the ability is to be able to reincarnate powerful beings as summonings under your control.

That’s undoubtedly going to have a pretty high cost attached to it.

There is no set scale as to what any effect will definitely cost. Use your best judgment when it comes to this part; staff may readjust it anyways upon review.

Limited Uses is typically the best way of making a powerful technique approvable. Any especially powerful effect or ability shouldn’t be repeatedly used over and over without anything to counter its formidability. This can be a “per fight” or “per round” limitation, with the former being reserved for the strongest. Even a “per writing week” can be applied for extremely-potent abilities.

Think of it this way: the less powerful, the more frequently it can be used. The more powerful it is, the less frequently it can be used.

Turn Durations are for effects that are meant to be constantly in use, from round to round. For instance, an ability that increases the cost in Chakra the opponent must spend in order to use the Body Flicker technique can affect the opponent for so many rounds before the effect wears off; maybe 3 to 4 rounds. Again, however great the effect, the less time that it can be maintained.

Power-level Comparisons are a way of measuring how effective the ability will be on different types of opponents. For instance, an ability that instills fear in someone through the projection of immense Chakra would not be as effective on a Kage-level character if it is coming from a genin. The opposite would hold true as well; genin could, in this case, be utterly dissuaded from even attacking for one or two rounds after the effect is in place.

You can use your Chakra as a stipulation or, in cases where it could apply, your individual stats like Bukijutsu, Taijutsu, etc.

Cooldowns are cooldowns. You know what those are, right? Right. Good.

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2Feats / Techs Submission Thread Empty Re: Feats / Techs Submission Thread on Mon May 12, 2014 11:15 pm


Clan Techniques:
 Monkey Tail: 
When this technique is activate the user gets a boost your Strength by 20% at the cost of 30% of your chakra, and after the user stops this technique he is usually unaware of what had happened, and in this state they can control little to none of their actions, though it is not a massive issue of strength they will attack anybody ally or enemy. There size grows by about half a foot, and their chest buffs out, and a brown hair tail extrudes from their tailbone.
Tail Form:
Young Ape Mode:
In this mode the user gets a boost in their speed by 15%, but this technique costs 15% of the user's chakra pool. The user takes on a more fierce look his face grows out, and gains a more ape like appearance  and grows long teeth. Their height grows by about 1-% of their base.  They are able to tell the difference between good or evil, but if an ally makes sudden movements, and spooks him he will turn.
Young Ape:
One with the Ape:
The user receives a 

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